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Glass Artists Together for Habitat Emergency Relief
Ticket sale information below.
And the winners are:
Pillar A - Sergio Torres - of Cuernavaca, Mexico
Pillar B - Julie West - of Vancouver, Washington
Thank you to:
Jerry Anthony Photograph,
who graciously donated his time and talent.
Rolling Pin A
Rolling Pin B
    We would like to thank all of the wonderful talented artist that
contributed beads to this project.
  Artist Contact info # of Bead Donated   Artist Contact info # of Bead Donated
Katy Abbott 1   Eleanore Macnish 1
Stuart Abelman 1   Cynthia Mc Ewen 2
Dante Amor 1   Michele McManus 1
Della Armstrong 1   Louise Mehaffey 1
Julie Bahum 2   Nancy Meisner 1
Ellen Black 1   Wil Menzies 1
Sabina Boehm 1   Kim Miles 2
Tom Boylan 1   Takashi Mishima 1
Jenine Bressner 1   Yoji Mitsuyuki 1
Cindy Brown 1   Jackie Mixon 1
Lucio Bubacco 2   Karen Moyer 1
Karen Bye 1   Anat Negrev 2
Terri  Caspary 1   George O’Grady 1
Luigi Cattelan 1   Kevin O’Grady 1
Susan Chambers 2   Wakana Ogura 1
Kristan Child 1   Akihiro Ohkama 1
David Christensen 401 294 1440             1   Olive Glass 1
Ofilia Cinta 2   Ryo Ono 1
Shirley Cook 3   Lois Oster 1
Harold Cooney 1   Karen Ovington 1
Lauri Copeland 1   Davide Penso 1
Vittorio Costantini 2   Sharon Peters 1
Sara Creekmore 1   Amoret Phillips 1
Robert Croft 1   Nancy Pilgram 1
Ronat Dagan 2   Robin Poff 1
Vilma Dallas 1   Jane Praxel 1
James Daschbach 1   Martha Proctor 1
Ann Davis 1   Iris Ray 1
Nerit Dekel 2   Doug Remschneider 1
Jared de Long 1   Anne Ricketts 1
Lucy Derickson 1   John Rizzi 1
Alethia Donathan 2   Wayne Robbins 1
Eister Glass 1   Jiley Romney 2
Amnon Elbaz 1   Joyce Rooks 1
Robyn Elbaz 1   Amy Ruopp www.beadblissdiva@aol 1
Lori Engle 1   Davide Salvadore 2
Leah Fairbanks 1   Emiko Sawamoto 1
Kim Fields 1   Fay  Servoss 1
Kate Fowle 1   Karen Sherwood 1
Bernadette Fuentes 1   Cynthia Shelton 1
Denise Gaffney 1   Dr. Galia Shy 1
Ed Garfield 1   Thomas Simpson 1
Gem Fox 1   Devin Somerville 1
Laura Gerard 1   Raychel Stein 1
Rachel Goldreich 1   Matt Stoffolano 2
Nancy Goodenough 1   Elise Swope 2
Lori Greenberg 1   Barb Svetlick 2
Jami Hamilton 1   Nikki Thornburg www.thornburgbeadstudio/jewlrey.htm 1
Bronwen Heilman 1   Heather Trimlett 2
Dee Howl 1   Lisa Walsh 1
Emiko Izumi 1   Kim Wertz 1
Amanda Jeffrey 1   Patti Whiteley 2
Rashan Jones 1   Jennifer Wilson 1
Maureen Kelly 2   Lewis Wilson 1
Marc Kornbluh 1   John Winter 1
Sara Sally LaGrand 1   Julio Wray 1
Marcy Lamberson 2   Nanette Young-Greiner 1
Bob Levantino 1   Lea Zinke 1
Cynthia Liebler 1   Margaret Zinser 1
Markels Lorini 1        
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Ticket Sales information:

Tickets are $25 each, a maximum of 200 tickets will be sold per Rolling Pin.  Each Rolling Pin has approximately $2,500 worth of beads.  Total value of donated beads is $4,961.  Total possible value of all ticket sales and finally donation to Habitat for Humanity is $10,000. 


Story &Early Pictures of G.A.T.H.E.R


Row 1:  Rt & Lt: Elise Swope, HI;  Middle:  Ronit Dagan, Israel

Row 2:  Rt & Lt:  Susan Chambers, OK; Middle:  Ann Ricketts

Row 3:  Rt & Lt:  Robyn & Ammon Elbaz, Israel;  Middle:  Rachelle Goldreich, Israel

Row 4:  Lt:  Ronit Dagan, Israel;  Middle:  Lea Zinke, FL;  Rt:  Ofilia Cinta, IL

Row 5:  Rt & Lt:  Fay Sevross, FL;  Middle:  Ofilia Cinta, IL

Row 6:  Lt:  Ronit Dagan, Israel; Middle:  Barb Svetlick, FL;  Rt:  Dr. Galia Shy, Israel

Row 7:  Lt:  Ofilia Cinta, IL;  Middle & Rt:  Kim Miles, NM

Row 8:  all three, Nirit Dekel, Israel

Row 9:  Lt:  Anat Negrev, Israel;  Middle Ofilia Cinta, IL; Rt:  Ronit Dagan, Israel

Row 10:  all three Ofilia Cinta, IL

(more detailed pictures below, plus dos and don'ts)

(The picture above and those below are for demonstration purposes only, and are not intended to represent the finished item(s) to be raffled.  Beads as shown may or may not be on one or either of the finished Rolling Pins as described below. Pictures of the Actual Rolling Pins to be Raffled will be shown once they have been completed.)



Glass Artists Together for Habitat Emergency Relief

On August 29, 2005, an unprecedented catastrophic event hit the shores of Louisiana, Missouri and Alabama.  Over one thousand people died.  Nearly 284,000 houses were destroyed.  Communities were wiped off the map.  Families were virtually torn apart, with only hopes to soon reunite.  Hundreds of thousands were left homeless with no foreseeable resolution to their return to normalcy. 

We witnessed first hand watching the events unfold on television and the newspapers , that our nation’s government has flaws in its’ relief efforts.  Changes are continuing to right this shortcoming.  Most importantly, we have to realize that we, as individuals CAN and SHOULD make an effort to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.   It is very easy to allow time to forget, or look the other way, or presume someone else will “take care of it”.  But as a member of our human race, we owe it to our brethren to reach out and give what we can, and let them know they count.   Let them know they are not forgotten.

In the wake of this devastating event, our eyes were awakened to another side of our country’s ailment…. Poverty.  In the New Orleans community, the poverty level was reported at 40% prior to this devastating event.  How can an area so rich in culture, history, soul and flavor, be so outcast of the richness of our nation? 

New Orleans has a special place in my heart.  I’ve only visited there once in my life, but it made a lifelong impression on me.   In my brief  and relatively comfortable life, I’ve seen first hand what racism, segregation and apathy contribute to society.  I’ve had the fortitude to walk and see these issues from both sides.  This is a blessing for me to be able to speak up, and make a stand for what I believe is right.

I’ve come to a realization that I have a “creative” mind and soul.  For days I searched inside of me seeking, “how can I make a difference”.  What can I do with my talents?  How can I gather others of like mind, to join together and make it happen in a bigger, and with more impact?

Life is always full of serendipitous events, I’ve discovered.  In a simple wooden Italian ravioli rolling pin I’d just purchased in a garage sale, a project unfolded.  The engineering design of this hardwood rolling pin is a work of art in itself!  My imagination saw in each compartment, a “frame” suitable for our miniature versions of lampwork glass.    Sixty frames in all, that could represent 60 different artists’ object d’art in one collection. 

I invite you to participate in this project to raise funds to be donated to Habitat for Humanity in its’ efforts to help rebuild the New Orleans area.  Why specifically New Orleans?   It is my heartfelt desire to not forget this community that has given our country such a unique history to treasure.  We need to be a part of what is needed for this community to rebuild. 

It is my sincere belief that, in part, the reason we stay in our communities, is because there is a bond there, thicker then blood.  There is history.  History that is worth restoring.  Families that are worth supporting.  I believe in Habitat’s abilities and dedication.      

I will be making two of these rolling pin towers, each with it’s own elegant hardwood stand and rotating display.  These collections will be raffled off during 2006, with the final drawings to take place at the ISGB’s July, 2006 convention.   I’ve recruited the assistance of Debi Johnson to help with the legal paperwork to properly set up  this fundraiser, both with the government and with Habitat.  The monies paid for the raffle tickets, will be tax deductible.   Our goal is to raise $10,000 for Habitat for Humanity, New Orleans project.

Please join me in donating a bead (or two) for this commemorative collection.    The size and specs will be attached.  Due to the “framework” within the wooden pin, this is the ONLY restriction.  Many have so far overcome this “limitation” and come up with some wonderful imaginative and creative art beads!   The beads will be representative of a world wide community of art glass beadmakers.   Please join us, both in becoming a contributing artists and a participant in purchasing raffle tickets.  If you can only participate in one of these aspects, please, by all means do so.   Additional ticket sales details will be explained by Debi Johnson. 

Please join us in this worthy fundraiser.  I promise you, it will be both for a worthy cause and the finest showpiece of international representation of miniature art glassworks.  I believe in our community of art glass workers.  Together with our hearts, hands and minds, we WILL make a difference.     


Ofilia Cinta       




(Credit above more detail pictures below)


Dos & Don'ts

Ann's bead is a little small but it still works by adding seed beads to the side.  Isn't she just the cutest thing!!!



Picture with side view of the fish will show the back bottom fin that prohibits it from fitting into the roller groove.  This is a good example of what “not to do”.


Pictures with the square beads on the ruler are good example of dimensions for the perfect fit size, both surface and side views.


More detail Pictures

        Rows 1-3   Rows 4-6

  Rows 6-7              

 Row 7-9  Row 10